Le futur des bibliothèques de recherche

Une étude prospective sur le rôle futur des bibliothèques de recheche.

Quelques  éléments clés :

New NSF and NIH regulations requiring researchers to include data management plans in grant applications appear to offer libraries a new entrée into the research process. The data lifecycle model of describing the products of research provides a way for librarians to examine issues related to the curation of information from the inception of an experiment or project through the publication of results (Humphrey 2012).


Librarians are assisting lab managers with the development and implementation of metadata schema, and libraries have drafted templates for data management plans to use in grant applications. Information scientists and domain specialists are developing ontologies and implementing linked open data (LOD) to facilitate data harvesting and reuse.

There are also potential roles for libraries in
promoting the scholarly outputs of their institutions.


The OHSU Library Ontology Development Group is developing an Integrated Semantic
Framework (ISF), which will merge expertise and resource ontologies and allow for the integration of linked open data between disparate systems (Torniai 2011). This project is one of many multi-institution ontology collaborations with partners from industry and academia, bringing together domain specialists, computer scientists, librarians, and other information scientists. This work is a natural extension of libraries’ traditional role to index and catalog information for retrieval.

L’auteur pose ensuite la question de savoir si les bibliothèques de recherche sauront mettre en avant leur savoir-faire dans ces domaines et si, à côté des fonctions classiques de catalogage et de recherches bibliographiques, il ne faudra pas inventer un autre type de professionnel de l’information :

information professionals embedded in research teams as informationists.


The Role of the Library in the Research Enterprise


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